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Personal Cash Loans in Lubbock, TX

In life, one thing you can always count on is the unexpected—and sometimes unexpected challenges leave us with expenses beyond what we can afford. Medical bills, home and car repairs, and other short-term and surprise expenses can overwhelm your budget and make it feel impossible to make ends meet. Without the cash you need to pay your bills and expenses, life can feel overwhelming and bleak. Short-term loans can help you stay afloat. When you find yourself needing a little extra financial help, count on Power Finance Texas for online cash loans in Lubbock, TX.

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When times are tight, there’s no need to struggle to make all your payments and pay for necessities. Power Finance Texas is a loan company for Lubbock, Texas, residents who need access to instant cash through short-term personal loans. Don’t wait any longer—apply for an online loan from Power Finance Texas right now.

Do you need a CASH LOAN fast?

Power Finance Texas arranges installment loans from $100 to $1,250 quickly.  Most loans are approved within minutes.  All it takes is a checking account, a phone number and a few other simple qualifications.  See why thousands of people choose Power Finance Texas for their fast cash needs.

Online Installment Loans in Lubbock

If you’re looking for loan places in Lubbock, Texas, trust Power Finance Texas for online installment loan options. Installment loans are short-term, personal loans that put cash right into your bank account within days of being approved. They are paid back gradually over time, within a year, through a fixed payment schedule. You’ll appreciate our flexible repayment plans.

Apply for these installment loans online—you just need information about your employment, bank account, income, and your Texas driver’s license and Social Security numbers. You can be approved within minutes. Applying online makes the process simple, painless, and, best of all, quick.

Do You Qualify?

To qualify for cash loans in Lubbock, Texas, you need to meet these loan qualifications set by the state of Texas:

  • Have an active checking account for the past 30 days that can accept direct deposits.
  • Be currently employed in a job you’ve held for three months or more.
  • Earn $1,000 or more per month, after taxes and deductions.
  • Have a current cell phone or home phone.