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Loans in Brownsville, Texas

installment Loans in Brownsville, TX

Do you need cash fast? Installment loans, also known as installment loans, are a common and flexible way to get money quickly.

Are you dealing with an emergency? Unexpected things happen, including medical issues, accidents, and last-minute travel.

With an installment loan from Power Finance Texas, you can borrow anywhere from $100 to $1,250—even with bad credit. They are quick and easy loans you pay back in equal installments. These installments allow you to repay the loan over six months.

You can also pay the loan back earlier for any reason without a penalty. At Power Finance Texas, fees are based on a daily interest rate. It’s simple and fair.

Now you can get cash quickly and pay it back conveniently.

How do online installment loans work?

Installment loans are one of the most popular forms of credit. Power Finance Texas offers these installment loans online, and you agree to repay the loan within six months. Daily interest rates are calculated using a simple, easy-to-understand model.

When you make a payment, a portion goes toward the principal. This is calculated so you will have your loan paid back quickly, within six months. There is never a penalty for paying it off sooner.

Learn more about these easy, online installment loans today.

Do you need a CASH LOAN fast?

Power Finance Texas arranges installment loans from $100 to $1,250 quickly.  Most loans are approved within minutes.  All it takes is a checking account, a phone number and a few other simple qualifications.  See why thousands of people choose Power Finance Texas for their fast cash needs.

Requirements for an installment loan

To qualify for an online installment loan, you’ll need to be employed. You must be able to show, with paystubs, a monthly income of at least $1000 for the last three months or longer.

You’ll also need a checking account with direct deposit capability. A most recent bank statement must show that the account has been open for 30 days or more.

Power Finance Texas will also verify your address and phone number. Therefore, a valid Texas driver’s license, or Texas ID, along with a cell or home phone number will be required.


Power Finance Texas quickly arranges installment loans in Brownsville, TX, from $100 to $1,250. Most installment loans are approved within minutes. All it takes is a checking account, a phone number, and a few other simple qualifications. See why thousands of people choose Power Finance Texas for their fast cash needs.