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Top 10 Romantic Date Nights on a Budget

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Every couple deserves to have a fun night together—regardless of their financial state.

Whether you’re financially struggling, looking to save, or simply budgeting, you don’t need to be millionaires to have a good time together. Here are ten romantic date night ideas on a budget that, with the right mindset, can be even more fun than dinner at an overpriced restaurant:

1. Movie Night at Home

It may seem worn out, but you’ll always have fun with the right person. Maybe put your favorite movies in a hat and draw one at random, or compete against each other to see who gets to pick the movie. Either way, you’ll end up enjoying quality time and cuddles on the couch!

Don’t forget one of the best parts of a movie night: snacks! Depending on the budget you have yourselves on, you can head to the store to stock up on sweets. Or, start the night out on a creative note by opening up the pantry and seeing what bizarre snacks you can make with what you already have.

couple painting2. Paint and Pass

This great idea became popular on social media and holds up for just about any couple. If you don’t have a painting kit at home, any dollar store will have an acrylic paint set that’ll be perfect for your needs.

Once you have your painting materials, sit down opposite each other and turn on your favorite music. Set a timer for one, five, or ten minutes. Then…paint! Each time the timer rings, swap paintings and continue adding. Once you deem each painting finished, you can both step back and look at how beautiful (or hilarious) the pictures turned out to be. This is a great date night idea on a budget that can end in giggles and give you each a new piece of decor!

3. Build a Fort

No matter what age you are, building a fort is a timeless classic. Letting your inner child free and hanging up some blankets and pillows will be a fun experience no matter your age. Bring all of your bedding into whatever room you choose, carefully place some chairs, and start building! Make the roof as high or as low as you want, or just make the first thing that comes to mind.

If you have some around the house, add fairy lights to your fort to create a great ambiance once it gets dark outside. When your fort is completed and you’re done admiring, feel free to let your inner child run crazy! Have a pillow fight, bring in a computer and watch your favorite show, or just chat late into the evening.

At the end of the night, you can fall asleep together in your fort, wake up in something you both built, and be reminded of the fun night you just had together.

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4. Game Night

Monopoly, Uno, Clue…open your game closet, and pull them all out! Each of you picks a game—or maybe go through every one available. You decide! Set up camp at a table or just play on the floor, and have fun letting your competitive side show.

If you’re looking for a bit of extra fun, break out the shot glasses and figure out how to transform each one into a drinking game. The longer the night goes on, the sillier everything gets. This is a great way to have fun and ensure tons of laughter with your partner.

5. Watch a Sunrise/Sunset

Whether you’re an early riser or not, you can make this idea work for you. Drive or walk to a great location to see the sun and then watch the view unfold in front of you. This is a great way to spend some quality time with your partner.

While watching the beautiful scenes unfold you can talk, cuddle, or dance. On the drive home, you’ll feel more connected with your partner (and you’ll have some great photos of the sky).

If you decide to stay for a little while and watch the sky, you can bring a blanket and some snacks to make a picnic out of it. While lying down and watching the view—or watching each other—take in deep breaths and feel connected to your partner and yourself.

6. Do a Scavenger Hunt

For a romantic date night on a budget, download Geocache and look around your town. Or head to your local mall and find a scavenger hunt online. Either way, there are options that are easy to start—and a blast to finish!

Whether you’re competing against each other or simply racing against the clock, this will be a fun experience for both as you try to complete each task. If you’re taking photos during your scavenger hunt, take turns starring in them and see which partner gets the most laughs out of the other.

7. Cook Together

Find a completely random recipe, something neither of you has made before, and try to sort out the complex recipe with your partner. Turn on some music in the background and dance together while whisking. Maybe get a little impulsive and start a food fight in your kitchen.

Once your recipe is complete, taste-test it together and cross your fingers that it will be edible. Who knows…maybe there’s more culinary talent in your home than you thought!

8. Build Your Dream Home in Minecraft

Yup, you heard right! Pull up the computer (or a gaming console if you have one) and go into Minecraft creative mode. Take some time and build your dream home. Once you’re both done, look at the other’s house and check out the differences.

Playing video games together will be fun, and actually gives you insight into what your partner wants in the future.

couple hiking9. Go for a Hike

If you and your partner are more in touch with nature, going for a hike is a great date idea. Whether you see the bees and butterflies in the day or prefer to go at nighttime to gaze at the stars, a brisk walk together can give you quality time to focus on each other.

While you’re walking, take the chance to talk to your partner. Ask them about their expectations for the future. Maybe take turns complimenting each other and enjoying the presence of the person you fell in love with.

During your hike, you can also point out different insects, or find some fresh fruit to eat. Pick a flower for your loved one and put it in their hair to see them blush. Introduce each other to your favorite parts of nature.

10. Take an Online Quiz or Two

Have you ever wondered what kind of cupcake your partner is based on their favorite Game of Thrones character? Pull up your browsers and find absurd quizzes for both of you to take. There are many more out there than you might think, so don’t worry about not being able to find one!

However, be prepared for the possibility that your partner is a Slytherin, or that they’re more of a Rachel than a Phoebe when you pull up the quizzes.

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