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How to Really Save Money on Groceries

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Everyone needs groceries to survive. Groceries can be expensive, especially during times of rising inflation, and can be an enormous burden on a family’s monthly budget. Deciding between paying your bills or buying food can also feel agonizing. 

Saving even just a few dollars each month feels like a huge win, so imagine what it would be like to cut your grocery bill by 90 percent? Power Finance Texas will help you learn how to really save money on groceries with these helpful tips.  

15 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Saving on your grocery bill is definitely possible, it may just require a willingness to sacrifice things you want for things you need and a bit of creativity. 

1. Save Money on Groceries with Coupons

Coupons can be an easy way to save on groceries. Couponing requires time to hunt for deals, but you may be able to cut your grocery bill by up to 90 percent. Many grocery stores will match coupons put out by their competitors, maximizing your savings.

There are also many apps to save coupons, and you can sign up for subscriptions where other coupon collectors post deals. 

2. Pay With a Grocery Rewards Card

Many grocery stores offer rewards cards that give you points and discounts every time you shop. These are usually free and can save you money over time. 

3. Join a Loyalty Program

Like rewards cards, loyalty programs get you access to discounts, cash back opportunities, and other savings. Many loyalty programs require some kind of payment or subscription, but the small price is often worth the savings. 

4. Join a Wholesale Club

Wholesale clubs such as Sam’s and Costco can be a great way to save. For the price of an affordable membership, you’ll have access to an entire store of products that are sold at prices cheaper than retail. 

5. Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk can lower your costs in the long run. It is an especially effective strategy for larger families that consume more but may lead to waste for smaller families or individuals.

6. Use a Calculator While Shopping

If you calculate your total cost as you shop, you’ll be much less likely to overspend at the register.

7. Go in with a List and Stick to It

Carefully planning your grocery needs beforehand will help you stay within the strict limits of your budget and avoid impulse purchases. 

8. Buy Items on Sale

Waiting for things to go on sale before buying requires patience and discipline, but can really save you money. 

9. Avoid Pre-packaged or Processed Items

Processed and pre-packaged items are convenient but usually more expensive. To save money, opt to make things at home instead. 

10. Compare Prices Between Stores

Different stores have different deals and prices. Always compare and shop competitively to save as much as possible. 

11. Don’t Shop Hungry

Hungry shoppers are more prone to impulse buying, so have a filling snack before leaving the house. 

12. Buy Generic Brands

Most of the time, generic brands are just as good for half the price. 

13. Avoid Going in—Choose Curbside Pickup

If shopping in the store is too tempting, curbside pickup can help you stay focused and buy only what you need. 

14. Bring Your Own Bag

In some cities, bringing your own bag saves money. Bringing your own bag can also help you limit how much you buy. 

15. Save Money on Groceries Online

Shopping for your groceries online can save you money, but it can also help you stay focused and buy only what you need. Plus, your online cart will show your total as you shop, making it easier to remain on budget. 

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