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How to Pay for Car Repairs With No Money: 8 Fast Tips

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Facing unexpected car repairs can be daunting, especially if your budget is already stretched thin. When your vehicle is your lifeline to work, family, and everyday activities, the urgency to get it back on the road cannot be overstated.

What do you do when you lack the necessary funds to cover the repair costs? Unless you’ve crashed a financed car, you may feel at a loss for how to move forward.

If you’re wondering how to pay for car repairs with no money, Power Finance Texas is here to help. As a trusted lending partner specializing in fast, easy installment loans, we understand the importance of swift financial assistance during challenging times. We’ll cover eight practical tips to help you pay for car repairs. From exploring local non-profit assistance to tapping into your emergency savings, these options will ensure your car gets the necessary repairs.

What Happens if You Can’t Afford to Pay Your Mechanic?

Discovering that you can’t afford to pay your mechanic after completing your car repairs can be distressing. When this happens, mechanics might retain your vehicle until you settle the outstanding bill. If your bill remains unpaid, they could also place a mechanic’s lien on your car, potentially jeopardizing your vehicle ownership.

You can avoid these situations and maintain control of your vehicle. Take proactive measures and secure repair funds before proceeding with any automotive work unless the mechanic will let you set up a payment arrangement.

8 Ways to Pay for Car Repairs With No Money

You’ve come to the right place if you need to know how to pay for car repairs with no money. Here are eight practical tips to help you pay for your auto repair.

1. Use Emergency Savings

When facing unexpected car repairs, one of the first options is tapping into your emergency savings. If you’ve diligently managed your finances, a well-structured budget, and accumulated emergency savings, this could be the opportunity to put it to good use. Using emergency savings to cover auto repair costs can provide a quick and easily accessible solution without using credit cards or loans.

You may not currently have emergency savings. Building a savings account in the future can be invaluable the next time you find yourself in financial hardship and facing unexpected expenses.

2. Borrow Money From Loved Ones

Turning to loved ones for support can be worth considering in times of financial strain. Borrowing money from family or close friends can provide a quick, interest-free solution to cover your car repair expenses. However, approaching this option requires sensitivity and open communication. When talking to loved ones about borrowing money for auto repairs, we recommend you:

  • Be Transparent: Openly discuss your financial situation and be straightforward about the repair costs and how and when you’ll repay the funds.
    Set Clear Terms: Establish clear repayment terms, including an accurate timeline, to avoid misunderstandings and reinforce your commitment to honoring the agreement.
  • Respect Boundaries: Understand that not everyone may be able to lend money. Respect the decision of those unable to help, and avoid putting pressure on anyone to provide financial assistance.
  • Prioritize Repayment: Treat the borrowed money as a priority debt to strengthen the trust and support of your loved ones and avoid potential hard feelings about the loan.

3. Take on Extra Work to Cover Repair Costs

When faced with expensive car repairs that exceed your budget, taking on extra work can effectively bridge the gap. Exploring temporary or part-time job opportunities can provide an additional income stream to help cover repair costs.

Some ways to make money fast include selling clothes and belongings, watching other people’s pets, becoming a driver for services like Uber or Lyft, tutoring, renting out your driveway space, and freelancing.

4. Apply for Assistance With Local Non-Profits

Seeking help from local non-profit organizations is a valuable solution to cover car repair costs, especially if you’re part of a lower-income household. Many non-profits offer financial aid programs designed to support those in need.

When searching for non-profits, check to see how they want you to apply the funds, whether or not you meet the eligibility requirements for the assistance program, and what documents you must submit with your application.

5. Use Your Credit Cards

Using credit cards can temporarily cover car repair expenses if you don’t have immediate cash available. However, using this option responsibly and being mindful of high-interest rates that may apply to unpaid balances is essential. Aim to pay off the credit card debt as quickly as possible to avoid accumulating significant interest charges. Or, use a credit card with zero interest on purchases for a set repayment period.

6. Shop Around and Negotiate With Mechanics

Before committing to any car repair service, shop around and obtain multiple quotes from different mechanics. Comparing prices may uncover more affordable options. Additionally, feel free to negotiate with mechanics to see if they offer discounts or flexible payment arrangements.

Paying for car repair with credit7. Set Up a Payment Plan With the Mechanic

If the total repair cost exceeds your immediate means, ask the mechanic about setting up a payment plan. Some repair shops may work with you and allow you to make payments over time. Be sure to clarify the terms and any interest or fees associated with the payment plan. Remember that some mechanics may require you to initially pay a portion of your bill before agreeing to a payment plan.

8. Apply for a Personal Loan

When facing car repairs exceeding your immediate budget, applying for a personal loan with Power Finance Texas can be an easy solution. We’re a reputable lending company in Texas offering fast installment loans to help you cover unexpected expenses, including car repairs.

It’s easy to apply for a loan with our seamless online application. Our simple eligibility requirements and quick approval process provide you with money when you need it most. We can even offer same-day funding via debit card.

By securing a personal loan with Power Finance Texas, you can promptly address your car repair needs without the stress of draining your savings or resorting to credit cards.

What to Do When Your Car is Too Expensive to Repair

Sometimes, even knowing how to pay for car repairs with no money isn’t enough. Discovering your car is too expensive to repair can be disheartening. While some repair costs are higher than others, weighing the repair costs against your vehicle’s value is essential. If the repairs far exceed your car’s value, exploring other options, including financing a new vehicle, might be more cost-effective.

If you choose to finance a new car, check with your local dealership to see if they can provide a trade-in value for your vehicle, despite the necessary repairs. Some dealerships run promotions where they’ll accept any vehicle for a set amount that you can apply toward the cost of a new car. Otherwise, you can try selling your vehicle as-is online or to dealerships in your area.

Get Funds for Car Repairs Fast With Power Finance Texas

Now that you know how to pay for car repairs with no money, you’ll need to weigh your options to find your ideal solution.
In moments of financial uncertainty when faced with costly car repairs, Power Finance Texas is here to support you with practical solutions. We understand the challenges you may encounter, whether it’s assistance covering immediate repair costs or exploring new transportation options. Our fast installment loans are designed to provide you with the financial relief you need fast.

Learn more about our installment loan options and apply online today.