5 Good-Paying Jobs in Texas Without a Degree

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Even if you didn’t attend college or earn a degree, you can still have a meaningful career that provides financial stability. You can find good-paying jobs in Texas without a degree; some may require a technical education or certification. Obtaining these qualifications typically costs less and requires less time than completing a four-year degree.

For other jobs, you can begin in an entry-level position. Through hard work, you can move up the corporate ladder and build a successful career.

Can You Make Money Without a Degree?

Yes, many opportunities are available to those in Texas, even with limited experience or education. You just have to know where to look. If you’re reliable and hard-working, many companies will actively recruit you with competitive wages and benefits.

Research high-paying jobs in Texas without a degree to help you make the best decisions about your future and review some of the careers to consider below.

5 Good-Paying Jobs in Texas Without a Degree

If you’re wondering what jobs pay very well without a degree, exploring some in-demand jobs that provide vital services is helpful. Many of the workers in the positions outlined serve customers and clients while having access to appealing benefits.

1. First-Line Supervisors

Do you have good people skills? Can you manage others with empathy and understanding? First-line supervisors direct others efficiently, productively, and professionally in many fields. Industries that rely on first-line supervisors include retail and non-retail sales, mechanics, and first response. Working in one of these industries often starts with an entry-level position, but by taking initiative and demonstrating your reliability, you may find opportunities to work your way up.

According to Zippia data, first-line supervisors make an average of $49,945 per year, while the top 10% earn up to $77,000 per year.

2. Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents represent their communities and help residents buy and sell residential real estate. They get to know people in all stages of life, from young professionals to established families to retirees, as they search for homes of their own. Helping people buy and sell property doesn’t require a degree or experience, although real estate agents must pass a state-administered test to earn a license. Real estate agents typically get paid on commission, earning a percentage of every transaction they handle.

A Forbes article listed the average salary for a real estate agent by state in 2019. The national average is $41,289 per year. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics records an increase to $48,770 by 2021.

3. Postal Carriers and Mailroom Workers

Postal carriers and mailroom workers can earn a good salary with excellent benefits. When these professionals work hard and show they’re reliable, they can earn promotions and work as mail superintendents. This role involves supervising teams at post offices around the country.

Indeed Salary data indicates that postal carriers earn an average annual salary of $64,073.

4. Claims Workersshaking hands

The insurance industry relies on claims workers to manage the tasks associated with providing coverage and managing claims submitted by insured parties. An entry-level role in this industry might be a claims adjuster position. Advancement opportunities include working as a claims examiner or investigator. The work involves reviewing information, determining payments, and following up on settlements.

A claims adjuster earns an average of $60,083 per year, according to Indeed Salary data.

5. Power Plant Operator

Working as a power plant operator involves overseeing and controlling machines in an energy plant. It’s an important position that monitors and ensures the proper generation of electricity for structures connected to its grid. This role typically doesn’t require much experience, as power plant operators receive on-the-job training through apprenticeship programs. It’s one of the best entry-level jobs that pays well with no degree.

In this role, the average salary is $93,926 per year, based on Indeed Salary data.

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