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The 11 Best Free Money-Saving Apps You Can Use Today

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Everyone wants to save money, and with today’s technology, you only need a smartphone to minimize expenses. If you’re looking for viable solutions to help cut down on expenses that dig into your bank account and possibly lead to overdraft fees, consider apps with tools to help you save money.

So whether you want to analyze weekly spending habits or save on a future vehicle, the best free money-saving apps will keep you in the financial driver’s seat. Here, we’ll look at the best apps for meeting your savings goals.

What Are the 11 Best Free Money-Saving Apps?

The best free money-saving apps help track expenses and identify areas where you can improve your financial situation and save for future expenditures. Here are 11 apps you should consider using as money management tools.

1. Level

What’s better than an elegantly designed, user-friendly app that tracks daily disposable money? That’s what you get when you sign up for Level.

You can sync the app with a checking or savings account. The app tracks how much money you’ve spent and how much remains. Level then uses that information to accurately assess how much you can spend next month.

The app does all the heavy lifting while you do your daily business. Level’s projected estimates allow you to develop a coordinated routine to eliminate unnecessary expenses.

2. Mint

How often have you forgotten to pay overdue bills? Mint eliminates this concern with reminders when payments are due before they’re due. You can also create and customize monetary budgets to help plan future expenses.

Mint also categorizes spending habits so you can find areas to reduce unnecessary spending. Finally, Mint allows you to link all your accounts to each other for a comprehensive financial overview.

3. Chime

If you want to receive direct deposits early, earn high APY rates (annual percentage yield), and build credit, sign up for Chime. Like Mint, Chime also offers spending notifications, but with Chime, no minimum balance requirements limit its use.

This financial app is easy to use and allows you to receive direct deposit early. You can rest assured that your money will be available when needed most.

4. Rocket Money

Rocket Money is free and simplifies daily and weekly expenses by helping pinpoint recurring expenses that can strain your wallet.

How does it do this? Rocket Money tracks your most common payments, notifies you of upcoming bills so you’re not caught off guard, and cancels unwanted subscriptions.

You may wonder how you can save money automatically. This app will routinely move money into a savings account. If you want to save and manage your money effortlessly, go with Rocket Money. Sign up, receive alerts, and improve your financial life.

5. Current

Are you a goal-oriented person when it comes to finances? If so, sign up for Current. This mobile banking app has built-in saving pods where you can put aside leftover money for future expenses, allowing you to get closer to your financial goals.

Are you concerned about your funds not earning interest? With Current’s saving pods, you’ll earn a decent APY, so your money will grow significantly. Current also helps keep you attentive with spending notifications that activate with every card swipe. This feature lets you make better money-related decisions.

6. Rakuten

Rakuten offers a seamless way to earn cash back on online and in-store purchases. When you start, you’ll have two options: download the Rakuten browser extension to your computer or download the mobile app.

Either way, add your debit or credit card to your Rakuten wallet to start earning rebates on eligible purchases.

Since Rakuten partners with multiple retailers, there are several opportunities to earn cash-back offers on recurring expenses. Just note that you can’t combine Rakuten deals with savings that the app doesn’t offer.

7. Daily Budget

Budgeting can be challenging, but Daily Budget can eliminate financial headaches. With this app’s features, you can create a customized daily budget aligned with your income and recurring expenses, providing a plan you can stick to.

Depending on your spending habits, the app automatically adjusts your budget to reflect how well you manage your finances. Are you concerned about trying to reach your savings goals? If so, Daily Budget helps identify how much money you should put toward savings, allowing you to inch closer to short-term and long-term financial objectives.

8. Shopkick

Woman looking through appsShopkick is another mobile app for earning rewards for shopping at participating stores. Users earn what are known as “kicks,” which count as reward points that they can use to claim gift cards. What makes Shopkick unique is that it doesn’t just reward users for making purchases.

For example, the app offers rewards for doing simple things like walking into a partner store or watching a video in the app’s Discover tab. Talk about a trouble-free approach to maximizing your money! With several opportunities to earn kicks, you’ll be better positioned to minimize expenditures, plan shopping, and save for future expenses.

9. Dosh

Dosh is an automatic cash-back app that rewards users when they shop at participating local businesses and stores. The difference between Dosh and other money-saving apps offering shopping rebates and other incentives is that Dosh doesn’t require users to scan their receipts for purchases.

All you need to do is link your credit card to your Dosh account, follow the instructions on the merchant’s page, and complete a purchase by swiping the linked credit card. Dosh automatically transfers the cash you earned back into your wallet. It’s safe to say that Dosh rewards you for doing what you do regularly.

10. Goodbudget

Goodbudget divides your income into distinct spending categories, like rent, entertainment, groceries, and auto payments. This way, you can track your finances to ensure you’re not spending more than you can afford.

The app uses a “digital envelope” to categorize frequent and infrequent expenses. Once you’ve hit a financial limit in a category, you’re not allowed to spend any more money until you add more to the digital envelope.

For example, if you allocate $200 per month to your entertainment envelope and spend $80, you’ll still have $120 left over. While you must manually update your budget for each expense, the categories are useful for observing repetitive spending patterns for accurate budgeting.

11. Spendee

No blog post on the best free-money saving apps would be complete without mentioning Spendee. This app has easy-to-interpret visuals that track monthly balance, cash flow, and expenses.

Connecting your bank account to Spendee allows you to customize your budget to avoid overspending, receive alerts when payments exceed a budget, and stick to a reasonable budget based on financial behavior. You can also automatically import all your transactions instead of manually doing it.

There’s no reason to be concerned about your funds being compromised with Spendee. The app’s security measures are encrypted and are only accessible by authorized users.

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These 11 best free money-saving apps can help get you closer to financial success. If you need other monetary solutions to help you reach your goals, Power Finance Texas is here for you. For quick solutions to get your finances under control, apply for an installment loan and receive the money you need to improve your economic life.

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