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24 Apr: What Is a Pay-For-Delete Letter?

In a pay-for-delete letter, a debtor offers to pay a debt collector in exchange for removing a delinquency from their credit report. You’re essentially paying them to “delete” the negative item. However, is pay-for-delete worth it, or should debtors consider…

Credit cards.

04 May: History of Credit Cards

Love them or hate them, credit cards are such a part of our lives nowadays it’s hard to imagine life without them. But they haven’t always been around—before the 1950s, credit cards were unheard of. Now, they have grown into…


28 Jan: Simple Guide to Report Abbreviations

With all the complex terms and abbreviations, a credit report can read like it’s written in a foreign language. Well, here’s your translation guide. When you understand credit report abbreviations and credit report terminology, you’ll have the power to read…