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The 7 Best Credit Repair Classes in Houston, TX

repairing credit

A good credit score is essential for financial stability but isn’t always easy to achieve. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve your credit rating. You may want to learn how to manage your credit effectively and, in the process, raise your credit score. If so, credit repair classes could be the right solution.

Credit repair classes provide valuable information and guidance to help you manage your financial history. These classes offer practical strategies and expert advice to improve your fiscal responsibility. Here are some of the best credit repair classes available in Houston, TX, and online.

7 Credit Repair Classes Available to Houston Residents

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While you can hire a credit repair specialist, taking matters into your own hands can be more cost-effective and beneficial in the long run. Here are options for Houstonians looking to refresh their credit history.

1. Credit Coalition

Credit Coalition is dedicated to providing financial education, including credit counseling classes. They offer credit repair classes in Houston that aim to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to repair and maintain good credit. In addition to in-person classes, the organization offers several online options for people who prefer virtual courses.

Classes cover various topics, like budgeting, debt management, and credit-building strategies. Certified credit counselors lead Credit Coalition classes and offer personalized guidance with a comprehensive curriculum to give you the tools to make informed financial decisions.

Phone: 713-224-8100
Class Details: In-person and online; 6-week sessions, 15 hours

2. Houston Credit Repair

Houston Credit Repair offers comprehensive credit repair classes in the Houston area, covering topics like rebuilding credit, credit repair, and general credit education. The courses cover helpful credit repair strategies and offer practical tools and resources to help participants develop an action plan to improve their scores.

The classes at Houston Credit Repair equip individuals with a better understanding of how creditors and credit bureaus work and the regulations behind credit reporting. They offer expert guidance and a money-back guarantee if you don’t see results within six months.

Phone: 315-330-8004
Class Details: One-time enrollment fee for individuals or couples, with professional and group support available as needed

3. Texas Best Credit Repair Houston

Texas Best Credit Repair specializes in credit counseling for individuals who want to build a better credit profile for real estate investment, including mortgages, rentals, homebuilding, and more. Their certified credit experts work with individuals, couples, and families to help them better understand their unique financial situation and secure a better score.

This company’s credit coaching services offer education, resources, tools, and personalized support, with plans to suit various budgets. Texas Best Credit Repair has several locations, including in Houston, with some online options available.

Phone: 281-761-6602
Class Details: Four available credit coaching plans, all on an individual basis

4. 25KRA

25KRA, founded by local Houstonians, offers online, self-paced credit repair courses. With DIY credit repair and business credit classes, you can learn how to improve your financial health and create a better economic foundation for the future.

Along with the online academy, course enrollment provides access to a private forum for additional support and advice from credit experts and others enrolled in the course.

Phone: N/A
Class Details: Self-paced, online courses for DIY credit repair

man repairing his credit5. Credit Training Academy

Credit Training Academy provides business and personal credit repair classes in Houston to build, enhance, and repair your credit score. The company conducts multiple classes each month. They offer education on credit score basics, optimizing utilization, and DIY credit score repair for people on a budget.

These classes are only available in person, with no online options. Some of their education specializes in tradelines—the accounts, loans, and collections on your report. However, the company offers counseling and education on all aspects of credit scores for business and personal clients.

Phone: 281-739-2448
Class Details: Online enrollment; classes held on Thursdays and Saturdays

6. Liberty Credit Consulting

Liberty Credit Consulting provides virtual consumer credit education courses that include video training and various modules to help you undertake DIY credit repair with simple, easy-to-understand training. The classes also feature tools and bonus materials to make credit repair easier, including dispute letter examples and tracking tools.

Phone: N/A
Class Details: Self-paced, virtual courses

7. Udemy

Udemy, an online course marketplace, features virtual credit repair courses covering many essential topics through self-paced classes, video lectures, downloadable materials, and more. Various instructors conduct courses on credit analysis and building techniques to enhance your knowledge and skills from the comfort of your home.

Phone: N/A
Class Details: Self-paced, virtual courses

Secure Your Financial Future

Whether enrolling in credit repair classes or working toward becoming completely debt-free, taking steps to achieve financial independence is the perfect way to invest in your future. Professional assistance, even through a self-paced course, can help you establish a more stable financial foundation.

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