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Best Budgeting Software for Couples [Four Programs You’ll Love]

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Navigating the financial journey with your loved one can be quite a challenge. Luckily, in this digital age, there are numerous apps you can use for your budgeting needs. If you and your significant other feel behind on finances, are trying to save up on money, or are simply looking for an efficient way to pay bills together, using a budgeting software app will be the perfect solution for you both. 

A budgeting app allows you to create a budget and enter all your transactions alongside that allotment so you can track and ensure that you are meeting your financial goals. It’s a great way to personalize the way you manage your money. 

When choosing the best budgeting software for couples, it’s important to look for the following components:

  • An app that allows you both to sync your transaction data in real-time. 
  • An app that integrates all of your expenses, income, and account balances.
  • An app that provides flexible budget categories.
  • An app that has a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand.

What to Choose?

The rapid evolution of technology consistently brings a plethora of apps that make deciding what to use a tricky and often stressful process. We take that burden off your shoulders by presenting you with the four best budgeting software for couples. 

1. Homebudget

Homebudget allows people in the same household to sync their devices. It’s an integrated expense tracker that allows you to monitor your expenses, income, bills, bank account balances, and budget. You’re able to track all of this information in various presentation formats such as list, graph, and calendar views. 

Therefore, not only does it consolidate all of your finances, it presents them in a way that is visually appealing and easy to manage. This app is available on all mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android and can sync on your desktop. 

2. Goodbudget 

Goodbudget is referred to as an envelope budgeting app. It uses the old-fashioned but valuable envelope system where you create an envelope for each expense category such as groceries, gas, and clothing, allocate a certain amount of money for each, and track the amount of money you have left throughout the month.

So with this app, you and your loved one can create expense categories with virtual envelopes and set a budget for each category that you can both track. This app is especially helpful when dealing with fluctuating income or bills. You can sync Goodbudget across multiple mobile devices such as iPhone and Android, and it is available to sync on your desktop.

3. HoneyFi

HoneyFi is driven to help couples save for specific goals such as a vacation or a new home. The app carries a savings feature that allows you to set up individual and shared savings goals on a weekly or monthly basis. HoneyFi also carries a bit of an entertainment factor, where not only are you able to track each other’s spending, but you can add comments to transactions and tag transactions to people, like in Venmo.

Along with syncing the bank accounts of both parties, it allows couples to sync their credit cards, loans, and investments, create budget categories, and split transactions. The app also recommends a household budget based on your spending habits. HoneyFi is available on iPhone and Android devices.

4. EveryDollar

Based on zero-based budgeting, the EveryDollar app ensures that you both are using every dollar where it counts. It’s a way for you to track and know exactly where your money is going. Through this app, you can create a monthly budget, add your monthly income, build a customized template to set up expense and saving categories, and create transactions that are tracked to your budget. 

In addition to these features, the app provides recommendations on local providers if you need assistance in meeting your financial goals. EveryDollar is available on iPhone and Android devices, and available to sync on your desktop.

When it comes to finances, it’s important to communicate and be on the same page with your loved one. Using any of the best budgeting software for couples will bring not only greater love but greater investments.

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