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Are You a Spender or a Saver? Quiz Yourself

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Each of us has a unique relationship with money. Some people love to count their earnings carefully and hate parting with even a penny. Others find joy with every purchase and are just fine worrying about finances another day.

Where do you fit in the spectrum? Take the spender or saver quiz below, and the answer might surprise you.

For each question, choose the answer that best describes how you would react in the situation. At the end of this money personality quiz, you’ll better understand whether you’re a spender or a saver, plus get some tips on how to improve your relationship with your money.

1. Your paycheck just got deposited. What’s your first thought?

A. Let’s go out for dinner and shopping!

B. If I have some money left over after I pay my bills, I’ll be happy.

C. I can’t wait to see how much my savings account has grown!

2. You’re headed out to dinner with friends. What do you order?

A. Drinks and appetizers to start, and then I’ll do whichever main course looks best, and end with dessert if I have room. Everything looks so good!

B. I’ll stick to a main course, one of the less expensive ones. If I’m still hungry, I can always eat something else when I get home.

C. I’ll decline the invite—no sense in eating into my savings account!

3. How much money do you have in your bank account right now? (no peeking!)

A. I honestly have no idea. As long as my credit card doesn’t get declined, I’ll be okay.

B. I’m pretty sure I have enough. I looked when my last paycheck was deposited, and it was okay.

C. I can tell you how much I have, down to the dollar (and yes, there’s some in there for a rainy day).

4. You’re still a week away from your next paycheck and low on funds, but your favorite store is having a big sale today. What do you do?

A. Go shopping! A good deal is hard to pass up. It might be a struggle, but I’ll find a way to make ends meet until the next paycheck.

B. I’ll go take a look. If I find something I was going to purchase later anyways, I may as well get it on sale now.

C. My savings goals are more important. Maybe next time.

5. Your tax refund is much bigger than you were expecting! What do you do with it?

A. I start looking for flights and hotels—time for a vacation!

B. I buy that thing I’ve always wanted with part of the refund and save the rest for a rainy day.

C. This could be a great excuse to chip away at my mortgage. I’ll use the refund to pay off debts or to add to my savings.

6. What do you typically have for lunch?

A. I usually eat out. I love the convenience.

B. I’ll often bring lunch from home, but I sometimes eat out.

C. I bring food from home. Leftovers or whatever I can find in my fridge are more cost-effective than eating out.

7. You’ve just received your latest credit card statement. What do you do?

A. I make the minimum payment. That should be good enough.

B. I pay off as much as I can afford, while still having some left for a comfortable lifestyle.

C. I pay the balance off in full every month, of course.

8. When shopping for essentials, do you typically shop name brands, or do you go generic?

A. I’m kind of a snob when it comes to brand. I prefer name-brand items most of the time.

B. I’m loyal to a few brands, but overall I look for the best value when I shop.

C. I purchase whatever’s cheapest. Every little bit of money saved helps!

9. You’ve just received a shirt you bought online, and it doesn’t fit quite right. What will you do?

A. Honestly, it will probably just sit in my closet. Returns are too much of a hassle.

B. If it was inexpensive, I might just donate it, but otherwise, I’ll return it.

C. I’ll get the return started right away. I want my money back!

10. How is your savings account doing?

A. Savings? I barely have enough to make ends meet, let alone save.

B. Sometimes I save for a vacation or other large expense. But not regularly.

C. I put in a little every month. It’s important to be prepared for that rainy day!

Spender or Saver Quiz Results

Now it’s time to tally the results. Add up how many As, Bs, and Cs you had, then check your results below.

If You Had Mostly A’s

You’re a natural spender. You surround yourself with experiences and things that you enjoy, and chances are, you’re lots of fun to have around. But this attitude can also lead to financial failure in the future.

To tame your spending habits, start by writing down everything you spend for a week (or you can cheat and just look at your bank statement). Take a moment to reflect—which purchases actually made you happier? Was there anything you could have done without? How can you spend more wisely in the future?

Reflecting on your spending habits is the first baby step towards spending more purposefully and allowing room in your budget for a little savings.

If You Had Mostly B’s

You have a healthy relationship with your money. You know how to enjoy life, but you’re also okay cutting back when you need to so that you don’t jeopardize your financial future. Keep up the good work!

As life situations arise, don’t be afraid to temporarily act more like a saver or a spender. For example, after a series of unexpected medical bills, it may be appropriate for you to be extremely frugal for a while until you get back on your financial feet.

If You Had Mostly C’s

You are an unabashed saver. Your rainy days are accounted for, and your financial future is secure. You take joy in your account balance and frequently find yourself thinking of new ways to preserve and grow it.

Saving is a great habit to have, but be sure to keep the big picture in mind. A large account balance for the sake of itself may not bring the type of long-term fulfillment you are looking for. Be sure to allow room in your budget for a little spontaneity here and there.